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Beauty Fusion Aesthetics was founded by Wendy Bidwell, R.N. and Jodie Croft NP-BC. They crossed paths at one of the many advanced injectable trainings they have attended. Together, they began to realize the need for a more personalized, specialized, approach to facial aesthetics. They had a vision for a high end, modern space where facial aesthetics is prioritized and where they could seamlessly integrate regenerative medicine with facial rejuvenation. They strategically made these visions come to life and began Beauty Fusion Aesthetics in January 2021.

Beauty Fusion Aesthetics is a modern, innovative space where medical aesthetics are prioritized. At Beauty Fusion, we specialize in anti-aging by providing the highest quality cosmetic and aesthetic procedures including Botox/Dysport, Dermal Fillers, Kybella, Sculptra, PRP/PRF, Radiofrequency Microneedling, Laser, Ultherapy, Chemical Peels, Body Contouring Procedures and medical grade skincare products. The providers at Beauty Fusion also specialize in helping our clients achieve ultimate skin health by utilizing proper medical grade products and integrating appropriate and evidence-based skin health procedures.

We value client relationships so your journey begins with consultation and mutual decisions based on individual needs. Your provider will then create a customized anti-aging and skin health plan for you. At Beauty Fusion, rather than augmenting and altering your appearance, we specialize in restoring volume loss and creating a natural, refined, and refreshed look. Our medical cosmetic treatments are performed by our highly trained and experienced medical providers, nurses, and aestheticians.

Discover Beauty Fusion Aesthetics located in beautiful Birmingham, Michigan.

Meet our Team

Wendy Bidwell, R.N. – ADN

Wendy Bidwell, RN, is an advanced trained Aesthetic injector with over 29 years of experience in the field of nursing. In the beginning of her nursing career she worked at Sinai hospital full time while also working at a dermatologist office, home care agency and doing agency nursing (yes, all at the same time). She gained knowledge and experience in many areas of nursing during the next few years. After marrying and having 3 children, she then focused on home care nursing, specializing in wound care, Infusions, cardiac and diabetic care.

In 2009, she began training with a dermatologist to specialize in the field of Aesthetic nursing. She has since immersed herself in this field and attends advanced trainings any chance she gets. She has owned her own aesthetic business since 2011. With a  passion for the field of aesthetics and a hard work ethic , she has continued to grow her clientele and experience over the years focusing on advanced education, procedural safety, and the latest results, based aesthetic procedures. With over a decade in the field of aesthetics, Wendy has the knowledge, education and artistic eye to provide her clients with beautiful, natural results.

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Jodie Croft NP-BC

Jodie Croft NP-BC graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2003 from University of Michigan. As her love of medicine grew during her undergrad years, so did her desire to learn more. She went on to achieve a Master’s in Nursing Practitioner from Wayne State University in 2013, graduating with honors. Throughout her graduate education, Jodie worked as a registered nurse in a hospital setting, caring for critically ill patients and supporting their families. It was also during this time that she deepened her interest and clinical acumen in the practice of aesthetic and reconstructive medicine. After her board certification, Jodie entered the world of plastic surgery and medical aesthetics and instantly developed a passion for facial aesthetics and rejuvenation. She provided high-level clinical and surgical support for a board-certified plastic surgeon as well as performed specialized aesthetic procedures.  Jodie continued to develop a fundamental respect for facial aesthetics while observing, learning, and providing cosmetic and medical aesthetic services.

Since then, Jodie has attended numerous trainings, conferences, and seminars in order to improve her skills as an injector. She is not only passionate about helping people improve their confidence with the services she offers, but also educating them about the process. Jodie has a strong belief about continuing her education and growth as an aesthetic practitioner and strives with providing her clients with safe, evidence-based procedures while delivering natural results.

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Dr. young

Beauty Fusion Aesthetics Company is under the medical direction of Dr Brian Young, DO.  Dr Young  currently serves as the collaborative physician for Jodi Croft NP  and Wendy Bidwell/RN.

Dr. Brian Young, DO is an Internal  Medicine Specialist in Clinton Township , MI and has over 26 years of experience in the medical field.  He graduated from At Still University Health Sciences/Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine medical school in 1996.